Reality Check and Due diligence

Hotel and real estate development project

Risk Assessment ,Feasibility Plan and Project Appraisals

Due diligence report on hotel and resort development

Implementing appropriate internal control procedures could have prevented most of the frauds

Most of the daily frauds that take place in hotel and leisure industry are in operations: Reception, Concierge, Reservations, Food and Beverage outlets.

HRA will participate in an integrated consulting process, with your team, in the internal business process in each area of operation:

  1. Infrastructure-Value based analysis- ROI

  2. HRM- Identifying Training needs during the evaluation of the internal business process

  3. IT- Analysing the core processes

  4. Procurement- analysing the core processes in supply chain management

  5. Booking Systems- Revenue Management- from the time a booking is made to the time the checks out.

  6. Operations- an integral analysis of the hotel service experience

  7. Service Delivery- Level of guest satisfaction 

  8. Sales and Marketing – Evaluating the key performance indicator –Revenue Drivers

  9.  SLA- Benchmarking


HRA promises to uncover the truth and will do so by implementing ethical and legal guidelines

HRA will also support you to create successful due diligence procedures and enforce the concept of professional integrity through a rigorous validation processes

HRA aims to improve the internal business process and make you a hard target to deceive.

We aim to train managers to deal effectively with fraud and other risk reporting procedures.

What we do?

Integrate risk-reporting technique with the fundamentals of integrity, objectivity, and professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behaviour.

We ensure that important decisions are based on ethical guidelines and legal principles


Develop strong risk management policies, review existing processes and identify resources


Provides specialist, practical support when needed.

Participating as a member of your internal teams in any important meeting, interview or negotiation in which fraud could be a factor

Effective design of appropriate company forms to prevent and identify fraud

Training managers in effective fraud interviewing techniques

Hotel Risk Analysis
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